Art Studio Renovation (part 1 of what seems like a million...)

I work out a studio in my home. Most of the time I love it; there’s no commute, no dress code, no weather to handle, just a groggy walk across the living room floor to the kitchen for coffee and a slow shuffle into the welcoming walls of my studio.

But it’s not always ideal.

In-home studios come with their own unique challenges and complications, and as I’m currently displaced from mine — I thought I might share a little bit about the current project.

We’re in the process of fixing/replacing the caulked and painted shut windows in the house, and the next batch up is my studio.

I’ve spent the last few days clearing everything out of the room to allow the work to begin, while simultaneously wrecking the living room with an influx of supplies.

 Clean and empty studio! (yes, that’s PLYWOOD standing in for a storm.)

Clean and empty studio! (yes, that’s PLYWOOD standing in for a storm.)

 Living room explosion….

Living room explosion….

I know the windows don’t look too bad in the nice bright photo, so here’s a close-up; they definitely are in need of some love.


As an artist that relies so heavily on light and patterns in the light I’m so excited to get these restored. To have the broken glass replaced, the paint spattered panes cleaned, the mechanisms fixed so I can actually open them. The few we’ve already done look so incredibly clear, I can’t wait to see how much light will fill my workspace.

But for now, this means meetings are conducted somewhere else quiet (in the car!) and I’ll be painting outside until the carpenters finish their work.

In the end I know the hassle will be worth it.

 Renovation in the studio - means meetings are held in the car!

Renovation in the studio - means meetings are held in the car!

What's in My Art Bag; Hawaii Edition

Tomorrow we head out for a little Hawaiian adventure. We’ll stay on the big island this time, rent a car and just sort of explore and venture out as the winds take us.

I’ve packed a slightly condensed bag because of this - mobility will be key and I don’t want to drag behind because I’ve overloaded my bag with supplies I won’t use.

This is the paired down collection;

 Supplies for Hawaii

Supplies for Hawaii

1.) Plastic tube.


2.) Pre-stretched and gessoed canvases.

3.) Strathmore 9 x 12 Acrylic pad

4.) Fredrix 9 x 12 Watercolor Canvas

5.) Strathmore 9 x 12 Toned Mixed Media pad

6.) Moleskine Watercolor sketchbook

7.) Canson lay-flat sketchbook


8.) Fredricks and Mae circle watercolor palette

9.) Golden hi-flo in White

10.) Winsor and Newton Indigo

11.) Winsor and Newton Burnt Sienna

12.) Winsor and Newton sketching pencils

13.) Derwent graphitone watersoluble pencil

14.) Caran d’Ache watercolor pastels


15.) Rubber wedges

16.) Long-handled hake

17.) Niji waterbrush

And - it all fits!


So we’re off - I’ll check back in when we’re in Hawaii!

(Orders placed between today and the 13th won’t ship until the 15th, just FYI)