Ellen Sherman grew up in a small town in southeast Michigan where spent most of her time outside, drawing and painting the flora and fauna around her. Inspired and intrigued by hikes in the woods and canoe trips down the Huron River, she was always playing with new materials and experimenting in paint.

Ellen began her education at Arizona State University and subsequently fell in love with the American Southwest. Many of her current travels have brought her back to the Mohave and Sonoran deserts. Ellen transferred to Michigan State University to finish her degree and graduated in 2008 with a BFA in Studio Art.

In spring of that year she moved to Miami, Florida where she helped co-found and lead the art department of ChickenBrick Studios, a mobile game and app studio.  Though she loved working in tech and with digital media she longed to get her hands covered in paint again and in 2011 she left that position to pursue a full-time career as an artist.

It was there in Miami that a lot of her current process was developed. Entranced by the ocean and it's tides she made hundreds of sketches, paintings and studies of water movement and it's shifting colors, resulting in a water-based and meditational practice.

In early 2017 Michigan called Ellen and her husband back home where she now works out of her studio in Ann Arbor.

Ellen is inspired by the colors of the natural world, her travels (taking her all over Europe, South America, Africa, Thailand and Japan) and a deep love of myth, tech and Sci-Fi.


In my work I seek to examine our relationship with nature. With what we see and can touch and record -  but also the intangible; fractals of remembered landscapes, the ebb and flow of river beds long dry.

My process is intuitive and gestural - a balance between planned and unplanned elements where I seek to impart a sense of quiet discovery to the viewer.

Using colors and movement found in my environment it is my intent to explore and extrapolate on the spirit of these, creating work that echoes their being but invites imagination as well.

Current Work On View/Gallery Affiliations; (purchase/display)

Red Dot; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ann Arbor Art Center; Ann Arbor Michigan

Jenner McGinn Studio Gallery; Atlanta Georgia

NYA gallery; New York, New York

 Selected Exhibitions

REINCARNATE; Gallery and Market, Ann Arbor MI, 2018

Ann Arbor Art Center's Straight Up Summer Series, Ann Arbor MI, 2018

Ann Arbor Women's Center, Ann Arbor MI, 2018

Threads Festival, Ypsilanti MI 2017

Aqua Art Miami, Aqua Gallery, Miami FL 2016

Perspectiv Miami, Macaya Gallery, Miami FL 2016

EH Sherman at Madewell Miami Beach, Miami FL 2016

Square Foot Art Basel, Projects Gallery, Miami FL 2015

Water, Colors of Humanity Gallery, 2015

Ghost Gallery Extravaganza, Seattle WA, 2015

Lines, Northville Art House, Northville MI, 2014

Corpus Illuminata, Tangent Gallery, Detroit MI 2013

6×6 Exhibition, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester NY 2013

South Florida Artist Showcase, Art Center of South Florida, Miami FL 2012

Fowler Arts Collective Postcard Exhibit, Brooklyn NY 2012

In Bloom: South Florida Watercolor Artists, Miami Beach FL 2012

Self Portrait Group Show, Brooklyn NY 2012

Sketchbook on Tour, Brooklyn NY 2011

Chapman Partnership Poster Exhibition, Miami FL 2011

Michigan State Design Exhibition, East Lansing MI 2008

Michigan State Undergraduate Show, East Lansing MI 2007

Bailey Scholars Art Show, East Lansing MI 2007


BFA, Studio Art, Michigan State University  2008


Sherman, Ellen (2018) Landscapes

Sherman, Ellen (2017) The Watercolour Ideas Book, Joana Goss pg. 64-65

Sherman, Ellen (2017) Small Moments of Great Vulnerability

Sherman, Ellen (2016) Morning Meditations. Makers Magazine, 2, pg.63-65

Sherman, Ellen (2015) My View in the Garden. Makers Magazine, 1, pg.23-27

Other Affiliations

Ann Arbor Women Artists (member)

Rise and Art (member and grant juror)

Featured In:

Studio Tour with Chairish

Ellen Sherman’s gorgeous blue paintings reminds us of Yves Klein, but more a calm ocean than a bolt of lightning. We sat down with Ellen to talk about her process and her what inspires her art!