Ann Arbor Artist Weekend

It's starting to feel like spring.

EH Sherman - Artist Weekend in Ann Arbor

I spent this weekend outside as much as possible, exposing my eyes to all sorts of changing colors, awakening forms and the spirit of spring. It's lovely.

I've been on the lookout for places to work outside since moving here, but with the bitterness of winter I had a hard time staying in one place for too long. This weekend, was a totally different story.

EH Sherman in Ann Arbor - Sketching at Argo Livery
EH Sherman - Sketching in Ann Arbor

I carted my small materials bag out to the Cascades at Argo Livery. The sun was so bright, my paint dried in record time! It was a beautiful moment in the sun, soaking in the inspiration from the rushing waters, quiet birds and joyful passerbys.

Looking forward to finding another Ann Arbor location to sketch in next weekend. Any suggestions?