Almost a year in the making, the EH Sherman Insider List is finally here. If you haven't signed up, now is a great time --- I'll be hosting a giveaway next week for subscribers ONLY.

EH Sherman Insider List Giveaway -- Winter's Walk

'Winter's Walk' is the first painting I completed upon our move from Miami to Michigan. It was inspired by muddy boots, iced over ponds and the silence of snowfalls.

To be eligible to receive the painting simply sign up for the Insider List (a friendly name I've given to my newsletter) and you're set - you'll be entered into the drawing. 

The giveaway is scheduled for next Wednesday (Jan 25th) so make sure to subscribe before then. In addition to this particular event, those subscribed will be the first to hear about new pieces, shows and sales!

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EH Sherman Art at West Elm!


On November 6th come on over to the West Elm in Midtown between 12 -5 pm for a popup shop featuring prints, originals and a live Q and A session!

I LOVE popup shops, as it gives me a chance to meet and really speak to people buying my art. Getting to connect with the people who display my work in their homes means the absolute world to me.

Everything will be set up and ready to go by noon and the live Q and A session should get underway around 2pm.

If you've got questions feel free to submit them here, on my facebook or DM me on instagram (Someday I'll start using twitter...) and I'll answer what I can via my instagram story - or in person if you stop by! 


EH Sherman Sketches