From Inspiration to Painting

Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to be able to spend the evening with friends on the water. The sun was setting turning the sky from orange-gold to pink-purple, and the lake was nearly completely still. I paddleboarded around until it was too dark (I had a flashlight, but didn't want to use it) absolutely entranced by the mirror the deep green water made for the sky. The night birds and locusts were deafening close to shore, nearly drowning out the sounds of my paddle.

It was easily one of the most peaceful moments I've experienced in a very long time.

When I got into the studio on Monday morning - I knew exactly what I had to do. I wanted to take those colors, the motions, the memory that I created on the water and use it to fuel progress on a few paintings I had started the week before.

I mixed a deep green acrylic, pulled out a few water soluble pastels  and used large sweeping motions to mark the pages. (like one might use to paddle) I even found a "locust" track on spotify to root me back to the moment on the water, and went to town.

EH Sherman paintings
EH Sherman lake paintings
EH Sherman Inspiration to Paintings
EH Sherman paintings from the lake

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A Day at the Elephant Sanctuary

I am simply without words. I'll try my best to write out what I can about our day spent among the elephants - but I know whatever words I pick will not do the animals justice.

We visited an elephant sanctuary today. No riding, no performing, just a slow walk back from the river. These elephants have been rescued from dire situations around the countryside and brought to the refuge to live out their days in peace, and it was hard to speak in anything more than a whisper around them - everything just felt so sacred and soft.

We walked with them on their daily trek from the river to their sleeping quarters, feeding them bananas, sugar cane and bundles of grass along the way. They were so much larger than I was expecting, just absolutely gargantuan creatures - but so, so gentle. 

EH Sherman in Thailand


We learned about each elephant individually as we walked the trail, it's history and it's temperament, favorite foods and funny moments. I just can't get over how incredible their presence was, how anyone could hurt them is a baffling, sickening mystery to me.

At the end of the day I was more tired than I think I've been in years. The walk wasn't strenuous, but every nerve alert, every sense trained on soaking in the time we had with these gentle giants.

EH Sherman in Thailand
EH Sherman in Thailand

It will take me a bit to process the day, but I already have a few sketches going to help. When words fail me, colors usually pick up the slack.

As always, thanks for following along <3

Refuge / 18 x 24

Refuge / 18 x 24





From the Hotel Bar...

I love hotel bars.

It's not for the 'bar' part necessarily, (though it certainly doesn't hurt) it's for the ebb and flow of the people, the interactions and steady buzz of excitement that permeates the room. 

EH Sherman Hotel bar

It's a slightly different vibe than a dedicated 'bar' bar. Most of these people are on holiday, they ask the desk attendants for dinner ideas, where the nearest park is, what they should see in the city.  It's a wonderful place to sit, think, write and of course, people watch.

If I'm still feeling the effects of a long flight or time change, this is where you'll find me. Too tired/discombobulated to go out and explore, I'll order a glass of wine, latte or occasional whiskey and open my notebook and just sort of freeform write. Soaking up the aura of adventure and excitement cuts right through the fog of jet lag.

I like to imagine where the other patrons might be headed to; a museum, boat tour, train to the next town. Or maybe they are just killing time with a margarita before they can check into their room and nap. Channeling that energy into ideas, some of my favorite passages were written in similar situations, just trying to stave off sleep and get a feel for the area.

Every so often someone will comment on my notebook or the tickets taped into pages. I'm a bit of an introvert, so sometimes the conversations can be a little strained - but I do generally enjoy talking to people about their vacation (and mine.)

This particular hotel bar was no different, I nursed a glass of wine for about an hour as I wrote about our time in Miami, plans for Ireland and brainstormed for a few new projects. A nice family from Morocco sat in the both next to me and asked if I knew where the train station was. Thankfully, it was about the only landmark I did actually know and we got to talking about their travels. Turns out they're headed to Miami in a few weeks for a wedding and I was able to give them some restaurant ideas.

Successfully dodging the afternoon jetlag slump, I returned to our room fresh with ideas, awash in excitement and ready for dinner.

Onto more adventure tomorrow.