Testing out Viviva Colorsheets

(( This is not a sponsored review, this is just me making a few color swatches and sharing the info <3 ))

EH Sherman testing Viviva color sheets

I make a lot of work while on the go. Whether that’s an adventure abroad, or a coffee shop down the street I paint a fair amount outside the confines of my little studio and need small(ish) supplies to be able to do so.

And so, I am constantly on the look out for materials that will travel with me; tucked away inside a backpack or in a back pocket.

I had seen a few ads for these watercolor colorsheets from Viviva and found myself intrigued - but cautious. I’ve tried a few portable-themed watercolor paints that seemed great in theory, but didn’t really perform up to my standards, so I wasn’t overtly hopeful as I placed my order.

The colorsheets shipped from India and so took a little while to arrive (so keep that in mind if you order a pack for yourself!) but when they did I found myself getting more excited about trying these out. Slightly larger than a business card, these could bypass my backpack storage and go straight to my pencil case. That was an interesting thought.

EH Sherman Art Review - Viviva Colorsheets
How pretty is this rectangle of Viridian?

How pretty is this rectangle of Viridian?

EH Sherman Art Supply review - colorsheets

On trying them out, I was surprised. I expected patchy color, or a LOT of water application to loosen the pigments. Not the case. The brush glided across the surface and picked up SO. MUCH. PAINT.

In between each sheet is a page of wax paper, this is to keep the wet colors from sticking together (though it is recommended to allow each to dry before closing the book) and really enjoyed flipping through the pages. Some of the colors are so different from how they appear on the brush due to their concentration, it’s a bit magical to watch.

I made my swatches, noting how often I had to refresh my water due to the potency of the pigment. Definitely not what I was expecting.

EH Sherman Art supply review - Viviva Colorsheets

I don’t know how long they will last, though I will continue to use these sheets and update here when I run out of a color. I also don’t know much about the archivability of the pigment, I wonder if a bit of added of water might make them run off the paper once painted? But for a small set to sketch with, these work really well. And the fact I can keep them in my pencil case and not even need an additional bag - even better!

EH Sherman sketching with watercolor sheets

What do you think of these? If you try them out I’d love to know how they work for you!

Color Studies at Miami Madness 2016

One of the many great parts about living in Miami is our local access to some seriously world class craft beer. J.Wakefield’s has been a favorite of ours since they opened their doors, and this Saturday was the annual Miami Madness event - a limited edition release at noon.

So of course we were there, in line at 7 am.

EH Sherman abstract art in Miami

We have a blast at these things; we get to meet other people excited about the Miami beer scene, Dan gets to share his latest homebrew and get some valuable feedback, and I get to post up in a corner and paint until the line starts moving.

Luckily this year our spot in line came with a handy-dandy discarded pallet, so I had a place to set the little paintings as they dried that wasn’t dirty sidewalk.  (Maybe someday we'll bring chairs... but today is not that day.)

EH Sherman color studies during Miami Madness 2016
EH Sherman Abstract Art Sketches in Miami
J.Wakefield's Miami Madness 2016 by EH Sherman

We met so. many. great people and had so much fun hanging out in line before the release. On top of that, I worked through a few color palettes that I had been considering playing with all week.

<<And of course after we had our beer-quarry we went home and straight to bed.>>

Successful Saturday <3