Sketches from Mackinac

We went up to the Mackinac/Mackinaw area this weekend.

I’ve been wanting to get away for a weekend; to sleep in, see the water, find a diner for some greasy breakfast and explore nature with the pup (And of course, to get in some painting…) so we decided to make the 4 hour drive northward.

EH Sherman Sketching in the Car

I had just gotten a new sketchbook that I was really excited to try out. It’s an accordion fold from Hahnemule with really heavy watercolor paper. It felt a bit like a AAA map from roadtrips of yesteryear, so I decided to make some contour drawings of the land and use the colors of our drive to be a ‘map’ in another sense.

I also brought along these water-soluble ink blocks from Derwent that I tried out a few weeks ago.

EH Sherman sketching in the car - supplies

It was a beautiful drive up. Seriously, Michigan is a gorgeous state.

EH Sherman Art Sketching in Michigan

We got in a bit later than planned, so we let the pup walk around and headed straight to dinner. I was hoping to make a few beach-side color studies but had lost all my light. Sketching would have to wait until tomorrow.

Mackinaw City Sunrise.

Mackinaw City Sunrise.

The next morning I was greeted with a spectacular sunrise and whatever irritation I felt for missing a chance to sketch by the water last night, was totally gone.

Once the sky had lightened enough I gathered my ink blocks, drawing board and a fresh rolled canvas from Fredrix and set up on the chilly, windy beach.

Sketching on the Beach
EH Sherman Art sketches

I didn’t exactly dress for the weather, so this was a quick painting session. The Inktense blocks worked beautifully on the canvas (pre-gessoed) allowing me to get the color and motion down in quick strokes.

A new thing I just discovered with the pup; usually I bring back my work to dry on the hotel floor. I can’t do that anymore unless I want to add little paw prints to the design ( paint is definitely NOT something that should be on dog feet…) so I had to get creative about where to store the wet canvas overnight.

EH Sherman travel art  storage

Luckily, there was a perfect sized luggage rack in the cabin’s closet.

We’ll head home in a few days, hoping to get a few more chances to paint along the water - the colors up here are just so incredible.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!!


Falling Leaves at Park Ave Studio

The Falling Leaves series was started on accident.

Since adopting our puppy back in June my time has been a bit jumbled, with the majority of it being spent training and playing - then going to commissions and my own explorations in paint last.

(Which was the plan -- I've waited my entire adult life to finally have a pup friend so I prepared to take time off.)

But I did need to keep making.

A few weeks back I started making contour sketches during our multiple daily walks of falling/fallen leaves. I’d follow their movement as they spun in the air to the ground, draw the lines of their shapes as they curled in on themselves; nothing very in-depth, just a quick scribble in my sketchbook and we would move on.

After enough piled up I decided to take some of my favorites and transfer to paper, then added a few layers of color keeping to the original movement of the sketch.

And the series became a thing.

It was installed at Park Ave Studio on Main Street in Dexter.

On giving up my off-site studio space...

EH Sherman Studio Art

(A copy/paste from instagram - but I felt it was written there exactly how I would write it here.)

I was going to retake this photo after Chewy moved his head, but I decided this is the perfect depiction of the caption I was going to write today. (It's a long one)

I gave up my studio space.

Not this space, this is my home - but I gave up my room in the beautiful decommissioned horse barn.

My reasons:

- I had to be honest with myself about my time, priorities and work flow and as much as I loved it, it wasn't working out.

- I work at odd times, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, sometimes late at night and I just wasn't great at budgeting my time around the new space.

- I kept misplacing my supplies, I didn't want to keep two collections of the same paints, papers and canvases, so I'd forget and leave something behind. Rather than drive 15 mins to retrieve it, I'd work on something else, but that day's project would be pushed back by a day. Not earth-shattering, but I hate feeling unorganized.

- The pup. I've always had dog-shaped hole in my heart, now that it's filled - I love being able to work while he's napping, take breaks in the form of walks (instead of scrolling through the internet) and just be around him. With my husband also working from home, being able to paint, play with the dog, paint, talk with my husband, paint again is such a gift. I guess I grew a bit lonely working in the other space.

- Our house. We're in the midst of fixing things up, renovating, decorating, making it ours and I've signed myself up for a number of projects. Squeezing these in as I wait for paintings to dry has made for some decent progress.

So that's it, I'll be posting all my photos from here for the foreseeable future, with one small note; one of the renovations we're starting is a big space in our basement --- specifically for an additional studio space. I'm building walls, leveling the floor, replacing windows... It's a big project, but when it's done I'll have a larger, brighter room to paint in. Can't wait to share the progress.
If you've made it all the way to the end, I commend you 🤣 Thanks for being a part of this 💙

Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea on Liberty: Featured Artist

If you’re in the Ann Arbor area and looking for a great place for coffee, tea and art - look no further than the Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea location on Liberty!

I’ll have work on display here until July, so let me know if you stop by!

(Also, HUGE thanks to my studio assistant Heather for hanging and photographing the whole show!)

EH Sherman Art at Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea
EH Sherman Art hung by Studio Assistant Heather
EH Sherman Art at Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea
EH Sherman business cards

Opening Night at Miss Kim

Today’s the day!

I’ve been planning, painting and prepping for this show since October and I’m so excited the the opening night at Miss Kim is finally here.

My list for the morning’s preparations….

My list for the morning’s preparations….

Here we go!

Here we go!

EH Sherman_ Opening NIght.jpg
Water Anthem in it’s new home for the month.

Water Anthem in it’s new home for the month.

Hand-crafted cocktail from the bar to match ‘Blush Response’

Hand-crafted cocktail from the bar to match ‘Blush Response’

It was an amazing night. I was so grateful to be able to meet so many new people, talk with old friends and see my family surrounded by paintings that are very close to my heart.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and made it as magical as it was <3

My work will be up throughout the month with sold pieces rotating out for new paintings - so if you haven’t stopped by make sure to check it out!