Makers Movement Magazine Issue #2

I was so thrilled to pick up the mail this weekend and find....

Makers Movement Magazine #2

My copy of Maker's Magazine!!! This is the second issue, all about the beautiful (and slighty less-so...) aspects of the morning. It's a exquisite piece of print, filled with gorgeous photographs and some truly inspirational words from makers across the globe.

This particular issue is very close to my heart, as I worked on my article for the magazine while on a quiet sunlit balcony in Morocco, feasting on pastries. Oh how I miss it.

You can still order a copy through their website! Make sure to grab yours!


Watercolor sketches for Makers Movement Magazine

This week was spent putting the finishing touches on my article and paintings for the first edition of the Makers Movement Magazine.

3 months of planning, sketching, writing (and subsequently forgetting how to write) have gone into the preparation of these pieces and I am so, so excited to be able to share the final product in a few months.

I'll post all the information when the magazine is available for purchase, until then - these little sneak peeks will have to do :)

Little Studio Shot

This week I participated in the Maker's Movement tag, #MakersSpaces, which showed off some of the studios of some of us makers and artists. Originally I had planned to go through the papers on my easel, and re-organize the haphazard canvas pile - but this messy-organized state is just more authentic to my day-today.


It was just wonderful to see my favorite artists' spaces; where they are inspired, and where their work comes into being. Like a little artsy voyeur! 

In other news, I'll have a slew of new work posted by the weekend - feeling a bit behind in my updates :)