Intersection I :: Abstract Watercolor

This has been a busy week.

I took on a few artsy side-jobs this week (gotta leave my studio occasionally) and thus, ended up with a slightly fuller-than-normal schedule. Ok, ok, much fuller-than-normal schedule.

In between the packing and shipping of orders (E.H.Sherman shop is live - woo!) and the extra projects I signed on for, finding a restful moment to paint was a bit of a challenge. I believe strongly that it's not about "having" the time but "making" it -- so I found myself up rather late this week, finishing a new addition to the movement series.

Intersection I began as a painting on watercolor paper. 

intersection by eh sherman

And as I finished it, I realized I really wanted to explore it again. But larger.

Luckily, I had a primed canvas ready to go, so I decided to paint another version. The paper version was about the flowing of the paint and the movement of the brush, the canvas version would be about the texture of the surface and how it grasped the pigment.

eh sherman intersection work-in-progress
eh sherman intersection abstract watercolors

And here is final version. It's been sealed, signed and dated and will be up on Chairish for purchase within the week.

eh sherman abstract watercolor :: Intersection


Prints will be available from my shop as well <3

Happy Weekend friends!

eh sherman intersection