Vestige of Summer; Painting Outside

The sun was just starting to dip beyond the treeline casting deep golden beams across our back lawn. A slightly confused cricket was already chirping away. The vestiges of summer.

I had to paint outside.

I knew I didn't have an abundance of daylight left, so I gathered what I could quickly. A dropcloth pinned down by a plant, a few basic paints and what was left from last night's mixings, and the first brushes I could get my hands on.

EH Sherman - Working Outside

I love working in the backyard of our rental home (moving into the new place in October!). The squirrels are super vocal, birds gather in all the trees overhead and it's impossible for me not to feel at least the slightest bit at peace.

EH Sherman - strawberries for grass!




Also, 80% of the 'lawn' in our backyard is mostly very tiny strawberries. If that doesn't put you in a mood to create, well, nothing will.


EH Sherman Painting Outside
EH Sherman Painting Outside

Even managed to catch a bit of lens flare.

There's something so wonderful about being outside and working; soaking up the birdsong and scent of green growing things and translating that to paper is magical.

Vestige of Summer will be up in the shop for the next update, planned for Friday, Aug 25th. 

We'll be on the road for the weekend - heading out to California to visit friends and take some time off. Well, sort of 'off'... I'll still be painting, but not answering as many emails :)