Monthly Recap and Re-focus worksheet for Artists

At the start of every month I fill out a little worksheet. It helps me in tracking my finances, studio time and project allotments, but more importantly it gives me time to check in with myself and my practice and make sure I’m pointed in the right direction.

EH Sherman Art Recap and Refocus Worksheet for Artists

It started as scribbles in my studio journal, which then morphed into a separate sheet like the Art Planner Page downloadable here (which I use to manage the day-to-day aspects of my life in the studio.) After several iterations to change the layout and flow of the worksheet I think I’ve whittled it into a form that could be helpful for other artists too.

How I Use the Worksheet:

I fill it out in two stages; the first taking place at the beginning of the month as I look toward the future, and the second stage happens at the end as I recap and recenter.

I begin with an opening thought for the month. This is a free space for me to record my thoughts and feelings as I look toward the coming weeks, write down projects I’m excited for, or muse about ideas I want to work with.

After that I try to distill my top 3 goals for that month, art and non-art.

Then I go through the numbers, noting my finance goals, money coming in and out, website visitors, email subscribers, social accounts…etc. I fill these out twice, once at the beginning of the month and then I follow-up at the end of the month as well, noting change and seeing how close I am to meeting my financial goals.

Finally, at the end of the month I enter in a closing thought. This can be something I’m really proud of during the last few weeks, something I want to change for the next month or just a story that sticks with me. This is my time to say goodbye to the previous month and sum it up in a way that might be meaningful for the future.

EH Sherman Worksheet to Recap and Refocus
EH Sherman Art worksheet to recap and refocus

If anyone is interested in using it for your purposes feel free to download it here! (PDF, will print at 8.5 x 11)


Feel free to manipulate it and change it to suit your practice, I’d love to see if it’s at all helpful for you!