Autumn ; My Season of Renewal

I live for the fall. The crisp chill of morning, the snuggle of warm socks on cold ground, and the heat from the day’s first coffee sinking into my hands positively awakens my soul.

Autumn is my season of renewal.

Coffee and Paint with EH Sherman

Perhaps I owe it to 17 years of in the school system; treating fall as the start of the “New Year.” Supplies were bought, promises to myself to do better, to do more than last year were made. And I suppose, all this stuck.

As soon as the temperature begins to dip I fly into school-mode. New sketchbooks are purchased, lists, goals and projects are mapped out and explored, and I find myself throughly happy to examine and re-examine last year’s progress.

Forget January 1st, this is my time for resolutions.

And pumpkin spice (whatever, I’m basic, so what.)

And knee-socks (even though I live in Miami.)

And hot spiced wine.

And most especially, LOTS of painting.

EH Sherman abstract paintings

Here’s to the seasons that resonate within us -- be it autumn, winter, spring or summer, and spur us to create the work of our souls.

Much Love and Warmth <3