A Moment to Breathe

Every so often, I need a reset.

This time we took off for the serene landscape of Northern Michigan; the crunch of the dunes, the smell of deep cedar forests (yes, just like in California*) and that glorious chilled morning air that always seems to snap my thoughts back into focus.

Northern Michigan Clouds

We may not live in a time of fairy god mothers and magical rejuvenation spells, but the feeling of a warm, full coffee mug in my barely-awakened hands as I step out into the brisk morning air is close enough for me. 

The mornings were spent sketching, the days spent hiking and the nights spent eating and intermittently falling asleep on the couch. It was brilliant.

Hiking in Northern Michigan
Painting in Glen Arbor

Towards the end of our time in the pinky-finger portion of the state I took up residence by the cafe on the beach. It was off-season, so I had the whole lovely sun-warmed patio to myself. Well, myself and the yellow-jackets... they were rather persistent.

I started this painting before leaving Miami, but was stuck as to how to complete it. Sitting here, swatting the wasps away I saw the palette I'd use to finish it up.

GlenArbor by EH Sherman

The week spent in Glen Arbor MI was just beautiful, affording me a chance to renew and reenergize my thoughts about my work.

...And to eat enough whitefish pate to drown a man.

Hiking in Northern Michigan
Northern Michigan Sunset

And now that I'm fully unpacked, photos are backed up and sketches are preserved I'm ready to start work on all the new ideas I had whilst holding that scalding coffee mug.

Michigan, you are all right in my book.

*Info about the Cedar trees. Knowledge is power.