Studies in Movement - Abstract Watercolors

Here's a little peek into 'Movment Studies', a new series I've been working on these last few weeks.

Hake Brushes

I purchased these Hake brushes last week in attempts to find bigger brushes for my watercolor washes. And then after a few days of experimentation with their marks I found myself settling into a new, very fluid, meditative process. My strokes were long and slow moving as the brush directed, removing my editing-self from the work.

E.H.Sherman abstract watercolor marks

The resulting pieces seemed to be studies in the motion of my arm, and less about aethetics/subject; A rather freeing process.

Movement II E.H.Sherman abstract watercolor studies
E.H.Sherman Abstract Movement Studies in Watercolor

I've got a host of other ideas for the series, and am very much looking forward to this weekend when I can devote my time purely to these paintings.

Until then, I'll spend the next few days cutting roll paper and organizing all my ideas, getting ready to translate these studies into final works!