US Art Factory Watercolor Markers

I do a lot of my work on the go. Painting from cafes, parks and passenger seats has always been an important part of my practice. Sometimes I lug a full backpack of paints, large brushes and big papers/canvases with me, but other times I need small, quick supplies for flash color studies and sketches.

EH Sherman Watercolor Marker test

I was sent a package of Watercolor pen brushes by US Art Factory to test, and I am happy to say that these will be a part of my travel supplies going forward. I really appreciate the form factor with all the pens and a small pad of paper fitting easily into a slim snap-enclosure case that doesn’t take up too much room in my backpack. Big win.

The markers themselves deliver a decent amount of pigment, but I did have to press relatively hard at first to get them going. 

EDIT!!!: I learned from the company that this dry tip can happen when the markers are shipped/stored with the tips facing up. I was advised to leave them upside down for 24 hours and see if the tip wetness improved. It absolutely did. I added a new video below to show the line width variation now that the brush tips are functioning correctly.

I love these for moments on the go when I want to quickly get movement and tone down onto paper, knowing I can take a waterbrush to the page at my leisure later. I’ve played with other watercolor markers, but none with the brush tip (as opposed to a marker tip, and I really appreciate the fibrous texture this tip leaves behind. Using these markers I don’t have to worry about the pigment drying on the page in an exact line, which can be difficult to fade with water later. This can dry fully and still feel like a watercolor application with the introduction of the water brush.

EH Sherman US Art Factory Watercolor Markers

The pigments blend together really nicely, making it easy to create dreamlike, meditative color fields. I’m planning a quick little trip up north to paint the lakes in all their frosty wonder before spring and will definitely be bringing these in my pack.

EH Sherman Art Watercolor marker tests