EH Sherman - My Brush Story

Every Brush has a Story.

And I'd really like to hear yours! 

Did you paint your favorite work with it? Has it stood by you for years? Was it handmade by a friend? Do you rotate between a few "favorites"?

Send me the tale of your favorite brush (or brushes!) and I'll include it in the final article. If possible please attach a photo of the brush too (though I understand if a photo isn't available and it's a "missing" or "in memoriam" paragraph for a lost brush. I certainly have a few of those).


One of my brush stories;

This brush is from a little shop in Kyoto. I hadn't realized how small our accommodations would be during our trip (though beautiful!) and I needed to adjust the size of paintings I was working on.

I picked up this handmade bamboo brush and a small pack of watercolor cards ( a little easier to work on in a little hotel room) and it quickly became my new favorite. Despite it's size, the width of the bristles pulled a serious amount of pigment across the paper, and I never felt that crunch of working small.

I did get one pretty great splinter from it, but I was so happy with it's performance it never phased me.

I keep it in my pencil bag at all times now, never know when I'll need a handy little brush out in the world.