Sketchbook Workshop at Teaspressa (1/13/19)

That first blank page can be an absolute doozy.

EH Sherman Sketchbook - blank page

It sits there, beautiful in it’s emptiness, complete as a book dedicated to the texture of the fibers, the tone of the paper.

And we intend to mess it up, to mar those beautiful pages with our marks and thoughts. This is one of the hurdles just high enough that it can keep artists and non-artists alike from truly committing to a sketchbook practice and from developing a discipline to connect regularly with our creative selves.

I’ve been there and it is incredibly uncomfortable.

EH Sherman Sketchbook Workshop

Which is why I decided to put together this workshop!

Join me on January 13th at Teaspressa in Ann Arbor at 1pm for an afternoon of sketching, discussion, material exploration and of course, delicious tea beverages.


Who is this for?

Artists! Non-Artists! Anyone who wants to take a few hours out of your day to sit with a sketchbook, learn about my methods for sketching and engage in a few creative exercises designed to help you dig deeper into your sketching practice. Even if you’ve never held a pencil to a blank page before, but you are interested in exploring your creativity, there’s something for everyone on each step of their journey.

What is provided?

Materials that I use and love particularly for working small format and on the go. Feel free to bring your own supplies as well! The $45 ticket also includes a sketchbook if you’d like to start from scratch. We’ll be filling at least 4 pages in the books, so if you bring your own consider how many pages you have left.

Is this ONLY in person at the location?

For now, yes. I have plans for an online offering, but for now - this is only accessed by attending the workshop in person.

EH Sherman - Sketchbook

Head over to the RSVP page to sign up, I’d love to see you there!