A Warm (though rather chilly) Welcome to Michigan <3

For me, so much of living in Michigan is about the visuals.

The wide expanse of ochre farmland against a metal gray sky, the lace formed by iced-over branches, the deep emerald of frozen lakes. It may be really, really cold - but I am so glad that we moved to this state in the winter.

I feel like the cold encourages a different type of work from me; smaller, cozier images have started to emerge in my sketches. Moments of stillness. Perhaps that is the change of surroundings, the influence of the silence found in falling snow. Or perhaps my hands are just too cold to move any faster.

I did finally get a space heater, so the following weeks should be much more comfortable.

EH Sherman on Moving to Michigan
EH Sherman Michigan Artist

I’m just so grateful to be finally done with the whole “moving” thing. Living in such a transitory state while trying to get work done wasn’t easy, and I cannot overstate how thrilled I am to be back in my studio. In the coming weeks I’ll have more info on a little digital studio tour, I can’t wait to share my space with you all. 

Hope the new year is off to great start for everyone!

<3 <3