EH Sherman Art at Madewell

This last week I had the honor of having my art hosted as a pop-up event at the Miami Beach Madewell.

Ellen Sherman Art at Madewell

The day was wonderful - filled with old friends, new friends and delicious cookies! I arrived on the earlier side, but took my time setting up and chatting with the Madewell team. Some seriously lovely ladies over there!

Ellen Sherman Art at Madewell on Miami Beach
Ellen Sherman at Madewell Table

As most of my business is conducted via the gloriousness that is the internet, actually meeting the people who buy my work face-to-face is such a treat! I love getting to talk about their plans for the pieces, why they chose that one in particular and what drew them to my work in the first place. It's a different interaction from selling my work behind a computer screen, and one that I relish whenever the opportunity comes along.

I also began an email list for those interested in prints of two originals on display: Abalone and On the Wing. Both were created too near to the event for prints, but as things settle here I've got plans to release them both as limited editions. Sign up below or shoot me an email if you'd like to be among the first to know when they are available for purchase! More Information to follow :)

Ellen Sherman Abalone and On the Wing prints

HUGE thanks to everyone who came out, your support and good vibes made the day what it was! <3