Making art in Copenhagen

We arrived in Copenhagen a few days ago. It's been mostly gray, rainy and relatively cold - but that hasn't stopped us from exploring the city. Our hostel has umbrellas, so that helps.

EH Sherman - En Route to Copenhagen





Miami --> Copenhagen

Part 1 of a series about making art abroad.

We both really like Copenhagen. It's our first time in Denmark, and I am absolutely in love with the vibe of the area; modern, minimalist design and architecture - with a dash of fishing village and viking thrown in. And everyone we seem to meet is just. so. stylish. (I would say more so than Paris even!)

After taking a day to adjust to the time change, I settled into the usual pattern I adopt while away for extended periods of time.

- Wakeup. 
Eat breakfast and check on work -- make a plan for what needs to be accomplished.
-Go out and explore. Sketch, make plans, write.
- Grab a bite of lunch and head back to the hotel/hostel/airbnb.
- Work until dinner.
- Head out to find dinner and enjoy the nightlife.

This schedule seems to suit me fairly well, though I'll usually tack on one day for pure exploration, and one day devoted to just my work. It's important for me to make sure I'm not skimping on either side.

Another necessary part of me being able to work successfully abroad, is finding an art store. I tend not to bring all my paints with me on the plane, so when we get to our first destination I'll lookup the neighborhood artstore and make a little pilgrimage out.

EH Sherman Art - Copenhagen
EH SHerman Art - Brushes

Eh, I might have gone a little bit overboard. But their selection of brushes was just fantastic. In addition to these new friends I also picked up a few tubes of acrylics and a small drop cloth to protect the surfaces of our accommodations.

EH Sherman art in Copenhagen - working on the floor

The first few days are normally devoted to just soaking up the feelings of the city, learning the history, practicing some basic words in their language (or languages - I'm looking at you Brussels!) and scouting out places to paint. It's a nice way to acclimate to a new place and I'm really grateful our schedule allows us to be able to take it a bit slower, experience traveling without the rush.

Tomorrow we're headed to a few galleries and museums, and I am craving some pastries - so hopefully we can work in a bakery (or three) as well.

Do you make art while traveling? Any rules or schedule you try to stick to? (Also, anyone have any suggestions for places to eat tonight?)