#artistonvacation -- Chile!

The husband and I are on our second week here in Chile and it's safe to say I'm in love. The country is breathtaking, the food is delicious (avocado on a hotdog is pure brilliance...), the people warm and friendly and the scenery is absolutely awe-inspiring. 

I don't want to ever leave, but I am also so, SO excited to get back into the studio and paint all these mountain and sea inspired feelings.

Oh! And if you placed an order this week or last, do not fret - my lovely studio assistant is sending them all out right on schedule :)

Happy Friday friends!

Ellen Sherman abstract watercolor landscape
EH Sherman at Osorno volcano
Ellen Sherman watercolor palette
EH Sherman landscape watercolor

Sketching with a Toddler

Over our thanksgiving break in Philadelphia I was fortunate to be able to spend some quality time with my adorable, nearly two year old niece.

As I was sketching one morning, those familiar chubby little fingers found their way around the lips of the dining room table, and that cheerful round little face peeked up over the side. She was just content to watch for a bit as I ground the pencils into the paper, following it up with a few washes of my watercolor brush. I finished up the sketch I was working on (and set it safely off to the side) and asked her if she wanted to draw with me.

sketching at the table

She drew two lines at first, one was a ‘mommy’ line and the other was a ‘daddy’ line. How cute, right? The start of a great figure artist! From there I showed her the magic of the watercolor brush on the pencil and she was off! Squiggles, washy patches, sweeping scrawls and dots patterned the paper, resulting in delighted squeals and clapping.

From both of us :)

sketching with a toddler
sketching with a toddler

Painting with my niece was a lovely reminder of how to approach the very practice of creating. Of course there are times when we create for a specific reason, or to solve a specific problem (We would have a hard time getting paid otherwise!) But it is also important to remember to create without reason but with wild abandon. To revel in the medium, to create marks simply for the love of making marks. To approach the practice with childlike joy, regardless of the outcome.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
- Pablo Picasso
Final toddler sketches

It will be a useful reminder as I go into this pre-Basel week with LOTS to do, orders to pack and events to attend. When I start to get stressed, I’ll remember the simple joy of drawing with a little happy person on my lap.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving break! I’ll get an update on all the Basel happenings here posted shortly!

Much Love!



Fire on the Mountain - Commission

Happy pre-Weekend!

We're battening down the hatches for the arrival of tropical storm Erika (fingers crossed it STAYS a storm!) but in the meantime I was able to finish up two commissions for a wonderful friend out in CA.

EH Sherman Abstract Watercolor Commission
EH Sherman abstract commissions

Fire on the Mountain I and 2 will be packed up and shipped out on Monday (barring any storm-related delays!)

This was a lovely project to work on and I can't wait to see pictures of the paintings in their new homes <3

Wishing everyone a wonderful (and dry!) weekend!

Intersection I :: Abstract Watercolor

This has been a busy week.

I took on a few artsy side-jobs this week (gotta leave my studio occasionally) and thus, ended up with a slightly fuller-than-normal schedule. Ok, ok, much fuller-than-normal schedule.

In between the packing and shipping of orders (E.H.Sherman shop is live - woo!) and the extra projects I signed on for, finding a restful moment to paint was a bit of a challenge. I believe strongly that it's not about "having" the time but "making" it -- so I found myself up rather late this week, finishing a new addition to the movement series.

Intersection I began as a painting on watercolor paper. 

intersection by eh sherman

And as I finished it, I realized I really wanted to explore it again. But larger.

Luckily, I had a primed canvas ready to go, so I decided to paint another version. The paper version was about the flowing of the paint and the movement of the brush, the canvas version would be about the texture of the surface and how it grasped the pigment.

eh sherman intersection work-in-progress
eh sherman intersection abstract watercolors

And here is final version. It's been sealed, signed and dated and will be up on Chairish for purchase within the week.

eh sherman abstract watercolor :: Intersection


Prints will be available from my shop as well <3

Happy Weekend friends!

eh sherman intersection