Art Show: Ann Arbor Art Center's Straight Up Summer Fling at Ann Arbor Distilling Co!

Last week I had the immense pleasure of being featured in the Ann Arbor Art Center's Summer Fling series. Part 1 of a three part show, this event was held at Ann Arbor Distilling Company and encompassed a look into a new collection of work, painting stations for show-goers to try out a few of my techniques, a live dj, and of course - the Distilling Company's signature cocktails and drinks.

The entrance to the tasting room.

The entrance to the tasting room.

Earthbones Series; I and II sold 

Earthbones Series; I and II sold 

Garden Study - hanging at the distillery

Garden Study - hanging at the distillery

A few of the work experiments drying!

A few of the work experiments drying!

Taproom display!

Taproom display!

It was a wonderful evening filled with old and new friends, some paint stained clothes and hours of fantastic conversations. I can't thank everyone enough who came out, feeling the love and support from all of you has kept me on cloud 9 ever since. Also huge thanks to everyone who followed along via instagram from afar!

If you are interested in a piece from the show, get in touch here! This body of work headed to another destination, but I can put you in touch with the gallery <3

Also - no worries if you missed my show, there are still TWO MORE events in the summer fling series! Make sure to check them out, I'll definitely be there!

Straight Up Summer Fling

July 19th at Hyperion CoffeeOLIVIA GUTERSON

August 23rd at Leon SpeakersJEREMY WHEELER

Much love!

Stockist Spotlight: Thistle and Bess

I’m pretty particular about the places that stock my work.  

It’s got to be a shop that you feel good walking into, with people who care about their community and give back to the area that supports them. A shop that sparks a bit of joy.

(Patterned wallpaper is always plus too)

Which is why I’m so thrilled to have work available for purchase in Ann Arbor’s Thistle and Bess.

Inside Thistle and Bess - Ann Arbor MI

The shop is near literally the cutest thing on the planet.

Each carefully curated and displayed item has a story to share, a tale to tell. And it's all just so. cool. I could spend hours looking everything, discovering makers, artists and all sorts of products that just make my heart sing.

EH Sherman at Thistle and Bess

The shop is located in the Kerrytown area of Ann Arbor, which is filled with fun little spaces to explore and lots of restaurants/cafes. It's one of my favorite locals for a brainstorm-lunch, or a coffee-fueled sketching session outdoors.

AND! On October 27th right there in the heart of Kerrytown I'll be at Thistle and Bess for a Meet the Artist event. I'll have originals, limited edition prints and a few new pieces to share - so make sure to stop by if you're in the area. 

Ann Arbor Artist Weekend

It's starting to feel like spring.

EH Sherman - Artist Weekend in Ann Arbor

I spent this weekend outside as much as possible, exposing my eyes to all sorts of changing colors, awakening forms and the spirit of spring. It's lovely.

I've been on the lookout for places to work outside since moving here, but with the bitterness of winter I had a hard time staying in one place for too long. This weekend, was a totally different story.

EH Sherman in Ann Arbor - Sketching at Argo Livery
EH Sherman - Sketching in Ann Arbor

I carted my small materials bag out to the Cascades at Argo Livery. The sun was so bright, my paint dried in record time! It was a beautiful moment in the sun, soaking in the inspiration from the rushing waters, quiet birds and joyful passerbys.

Looking forward to finding another Ann Arbor location to sketch in next weekend. Any suggestions?